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The Fishguard system range is up to 100m.

Yes. The Sensor Units and Floodlight will screw in to any universal bank stick.

No. The system requires regular AA batteries. Rechargeable batteries may affect low battery indication, because they have a lower voltage, causing the unit to turn off without warning. They are also slightly bigger and may not fit.

In most situations 2 x Sensors are needed for proper protection. All of our security systems come with a minimum of 2 x Sensors.

Yes. You can add 1 x extra Sensor; or 1 x Floodlight; or both units to your Starter 3 Fx System

You can add 1 x extra Sensor to your Combi 4 Fx System.

No. The Complete 5 Fx System cannot be expanded.

The Fx Floodlight is included with the Combi 4 and Complete 5 Fx Systems. The Fx Floodlight is an optional extra that can be added to the Starter 3 Fx System.