Protect yourself, your fishing gear, and your privacy with Fishguard

The Fishguard FX System guards your equipment so you don’t have to. No false alarms, no unwanted surprises!

100m+ Range!

Secures your entire fishing area with advanced trip beams. A broken trip beam triggers your chosen sound alert, and the optional powerful floodlight!

The Fishguard Fx Security System is a high-quality, modular system that guards your fishing equipment using trip beam technology (like a trip wire, but with an invisible laser.) The system comprises a control unit, two sensors and a carry case with the option to buy an additional sensor and floodlight. The trip beam sensors can be set up as far as 100m from your control unit; far enough to secure you a large fishing area, but not so far as to be set off by other fishermen going about their business. Depending on the level of threat, you can set different intruder alerts from a friendly owl sound to an aggressive dog growl that will have would-be thieves running away! The powerful floodlight snaps on at the same time, casting a bright beam across your entire area, leaving the intruder nowhere to hide!


Fishguard Fx Control Unit

The core of the security system

Fishguard Fx Sensor

Detects intruders with advanced trip beams, Instant alert, no false triggers!!

Fishguard Fx Floodlight

A powerful deterrent that leaves nowhere for thieves to hide!

What our customers say

Mike Madeley
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I use the Fishguard and the complete set up costs less than 1 of my reels. Why did I invest in it, i can handle myself as an Ex Army Commando Sgt, so why bother, i don't like surprises and for me this eliminates any un wanted company as i am forewarned of anyone heading towards me, as the sensors are set in way you wouldn't know they are there so you can't nick them. Once that beam is triggered, and animals won't trigger them if set at the correct height, I'm instantly notified giving me time to get out and wait, the main light illuminates if i want it to, or the ambient light will come on if i approach my rods. It's a deterrent that works.
Alan Corker
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I have Fishguard, and after two nasty experiences, I would not fish without it. It works perfectly and gives me peace of mind. I've now caught two people snooping around my truck that shouldn't have been there. "Oh, I thought it was my mates!"... no you didn't. He was quite surprised to see me standing next to him, with his forehead pressed gainst the rear windows. Ask those who have lost all their irreplacable tackle worth *many* £1000’s, if they think it's good value and money well spent for a few £100, which face it, given the carp tax is a small pile of bait and a few spools of braid that you'll throw in to blank 🤣? Highly recommended.
Chris Hancock
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Finally got out fishing and used the Fishguard this week. Very impressed, excellent build quality even down to the box it comes in and the storage bag. I used the growling dog setting and the volume is perfect even on the highest setting it’s enough to get you up but not disturb the lakes other anglers. The sensitivity is bang on and was not set off by foliage or dog sized rats! Yes it’s expensive and I thought what have I done buying this! But for that extra piece of mind it gave me to sleep easy on a lake that’s got previous for thieving scumbags it’s worth it. In all, brilliant bit of kit, nothing else like it on the market, excellent service from Fishguard, you won’t be disappointed 👍

How it all fits together – A modular security system for maximum security on the bank

The reliable trip beam sensors and impressive security light make this system a powerful line of defence against thieves and intruders…

The control unit, two sensors, an optional additional sensor and optional floodlight make up this system. The sensors communicate constantly with the control unit and floodlight to provide ample warning in case of an intrusion, without the inconvenience of false alarms. The sensors work on a trip beam system which, when broken, sets off an alarm as well as the floodlight, scaring off the intruder and alerting you to the threat. The sensors can be set up as far as 100m from the control unit – far enough to secure your perimeters but not so far that it is set off by other fishermen in their areas. The system has a sturdy design to operate effectively outdoors and batteries are quick and easy to change.

The Control Unit is the basis of the Fishguard Fx Security System. It is in constant communication with all sensors and the floodlight – leaving no chance for anyone to sneak up on you. Unlike with bite alarms, the alert is instant – as soon as the trip beam is broken, you will be alerted. You can choose from a range of sounds – from a gentle owl hoot to an aggressive dog growl – depending on the perceived level of threat. If you have the security light set up, this will be triggered through the control unit at the same time, flooding your fishing area with a bright light, acting as a persuasive deterrent.

Unlike any other system on the market, our trip beam sensors do not need a reflector unit. Each trip beam sensor works independently, emitting a 6m trip beam which, when broken, triggers an alert. They can be set up in any direction to trap intruders and get your attention. The 100% reliable sensors ensure you have no unwanted visitors and, at the same time, eliminate false alarms from environmental factors. They are designed for the outdoors, so they won’t be seen and stolen. You can fish in peace, knowing your expensive kit is safe!

The security light’s impressive beam floods your fishing area with light as soon as a trip beam is broken, startling and exposing any would-be intruder. No other system offers this level of protection. The floodlight offers an additional defense against thieves and is especially impressive at night, when you are at your most vulnerable.

The sensors can be set up up to 100m away from the control unit to give you ample warning

The control unit communicates constantly with the sensors and emits an alert sound of your choice when a tripbeam is broken

The floodlight will illuminate your fishing area if a sensor is triggered up to 100m away.


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