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    Fx Security System!
    Fx Floodlight

    Intruder detection with floodlight and sound

    Intruder Detection

    Sensor units have invisible tripbeam technology, with a 6m detection range. Breaking the beam triggers instant floodlight and sound.
    Patented narrow detection angle eliminates all environmental false triggers (rats, bushes, wind, etc.), with all detection features hidden behind flat screens.


    Security Lighting

    Powerful 24 LED security floodlight, with adjustable brightness levels, instantly illuminates when an intruder breaks the tripbeam.


    System Sounds

    Choose an aggressive dog bark, an angry dog growl, or a subtle owl hoot. Stop your mates from sneaking up on you with a doorbell for your swim.


    Ambient Lighting

    Low level lighting is independent of the security system, automatically detects you within 3m range, and stays on in your presence (with fully adjustable brightness levels).


    Quick Release Batteries

    Easy quick release battery design, with knurled black anodized twist locks; no tools required.



    Thank you to Joe and Carpology for the great video review.

    Thanks Carpology for the excellent magazine review. Thumbs up from Fishguard.
    Carpology Fishguard Security System Review