About Us

After the Products inception in 2014, Fishguard went through an intensive four years of development. The initial aim was to simply alert fishermen of potential intruders entering their swim, but it’s become so much more.

When you start something like Fishguard, you envisage a series of giant leaps to reach your objective, but in reality it takes thousands of small steps.

The creative and technical process was challenging, spanning almost 1500 days, but with passion, innovation, and persistence, Fishguard has become the highly developed product it is today.

A revolution for everyone on the bank, Fishguard’s heart is in the safety of it’s end users, and the security of their equipment.

With Fishguard being our pioneering product, we’ve made our intentions clear, and started our journey to become internationally renowned, for the quality and functionality of future products for decades to come.